What should I do with my old bike?

When you purchase a Sun-E-Land Bike, you may want to get rid of an old bike that you have in storage. We have two solutions for you. If you want help selling your old bike, we will service it and sell it for you online. We cannot guarantee a specific price for you, but you will receive back 50% of the final sale (just like consignment).

Another option is that we will pick up your old bike and donate it to one of the local bike shops and they will fix it up and sell it there.

A Third Option is to convert your old bike into an electric bicycle. This option will be nearly as expensive as buying a new one, but this way you can keep your old bike and have an E-bike, or both.

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  1. tim

    Does this bike have a removable battery?

    1. mattholmes07

      Hey Tim,
      It does have a removable battery.
      It can be brought inside for charging or when the weather is cold.
      We will be at Boundary Bay Brewing Saturday April 10 from 10-2pm if you want to check it out!

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