All Tours are $75 per person

Riders must be 13+ years old with an adult

To enquire about dates and times, please write: or text Matt (360) 223-9863

** Safety is our #1 priority. We want you to feel safe when riding our E-bikes. Sun-E-land Bikes values your comfort and safety. Rentals and tours all begin with reviews of how to properly wear equipment and use hand signals. Riders will have the opportunity to practice riding safely before the tour begins. **

Waterfront tour (150 minutes) : This tour starts in historic Cornwall park and then follows the water along the harbor. We learn about some of Bellingham’s history and current development as we cruise through downtown and out to Fairhaven. On our return, we will explore South Hill and other parts of the historic downtown area.


Garden Tour: (150 minutes) Places we will visit around town change seasonal. Bellingham has many wonderful times of year to explore gardens, especially when you know where to look. There are many hidden gems tucked away in backyards and off the beaten path here in Bellingham. Our city does an amazing job as well to keep parks safe and accessible to the public. Come with us to learn something new and have fun doing it!


Parks and Trails Tour: (150 minutes) Tour some of the best parks in Bellingham and hidden places that not even some locals know about. Explore the fabulous trail systems as we tour through time on the old 19th century railroad routes that were the start of Bellingham. (Parks Map Link) 


The Brewer Tour: (150 minutes) Come along for a happy hour to remember. We cruise to a series of places around town that brew and ferment. It will be a learning experience as we have some tasters and move along to a few different locations. Thank you to our partner restaurants and breweries that help us keep Bellingham supplied with delicious drinks. (Sober rides and options always available) ** ALL RIDERS OVER 21 for Brewer Tour**

Enjoy Bellingham’s Many Breweries and Trails

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