How far and fast will my Sun-E-Land Bike go?

These bikes will go as fast as you want them to. Usually, on an flat road the bike can travel up to 20 MPH. Even faster on a downhill. However, most people find that 20 MPH is too fast for them.

Using medium power and peddle assist, the typical speed is between 12 – 18 MPH and will take you a distance of 18 – 20 miles without a charge. The duration and speed of which you travel has a few factors. The more you pedal and assist the motor, the farther and faster you will go. If you travel on hilly terrain, it will require more battery power to go up hills, thus reducing your distance.

This bike will go up most hills in the area without requiring the rider to dismount. It can easily climb Barkley and Billy Frank Jr up to WWU. Planning your route to reduce hills and use bike lanes will increase your efficiency.

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  1. stacy

    If I were to pre order a bike today how soon would it be until I received it? Does $800 included everything you need (ie motor)?

    1. mattholmes07

      Everything in the picture is included. Bikes are available NOW! $800 or $1500 for 2 bikes

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