How do I stay safe when biking?

FREE Lessons!! Whatcom County Smart Trips is offering riding lessons for adults or families that want to learn the rules of the road and how to ride safely. Anyone who wants to learn more about SMART Trips can email:

Check out our Sun-E-Land Bikes youtube channel to to get started. Also check out Whatcom Smart Trips safety videos.

Your safety and the safety of others should always be the most important part of biking. These bikes are more powerful and more faster than regular bikes, so safety should always be a priority. There are many parts of biking that can be potentially dangerous if you do not take some precautions.

First, inspect your bike before riding. Make sure your tires are filled and your brakes work. Check the chain, seat, handlebars and other features that could lead to an accident.

Your biking equipment should include a helmet, lights, reflective gear and a bike lock. Even if you ride during the day, it could get dark and you want to be seen. There are many more accessories you may want to have, but these are the minimum. Below is a list of the products and services we offer.

When you start to ride, you want to use proper signals. Our team at Sun-E-Land Bikes can take you out and give you some pointers on how to follow the rules of the road while biking. Remember to ride like a driver when on the road. Follow the same traffic laws and use hand signals at intersections.

When using Sun-E-Land Bikes, we can spend some time with you to make sure that you are comfortable learning to ride safely. We want you to be confident on the roads and around the town. Bike safety is the first step in enjoying your new purchase.

We can offer packages and set up your new Sun-E-Land bike with any or all of these items:

  • Helmet
  • Front Light
  • Rear Light
  • Head Lamps
  • Tire Lights
  • Reflective Gear
  • I-Pad Holder
  • GPS Tracker (Speed, distance, route)
  • I-phone holder
  • Storage Racks
  • Front Basket
  • Leg Straps
  • Bell / Horn
  • Bike Computer

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