Environmental Concerns

Like you, I also have concerns about the impact imported E-bikes have on our environment, our economy and our communities.

The first major concern is that importing E-bikes, or really anything is detrimental to our economy. The issue with this line of thinking is that there are not many E-bikes built in the USA. Even if bikes are built in the United States, many of the parts and components are manufactured elsewhere and shipped just the same. Many high-end E-bikes are imported from Europe and we now see parts manufactured and shipped worldwide. Sun-E-Land Bikes are manufactured outside the United States, but built, sold and maintained Bellingham, Washington. In that sense, this product is assembled and distributed locally, with the goal of serving riders in Whatcom and Skagit County.

The waste produced when the battery is defective is another concern many of us share. Lithium batteries have a life span of 3 – 5 years or longer. This can vary depending on storage and usage. When the battery fails, it can be recycled, but in the sense that nothing is free, this also takes energy and produces waste. Feel free to explore the link: What happens when batteries die?

There are ethical concerns to consider when obtaining lithuim and other heavy metals. These are serious issues that can leave communities devastated with long-lasting harm. When purchasing any type of product, we need a plan to offset negative impacts, ratify and do better. We hope to work with local engineers in the future to outfit our bikes with battery cells that can be replaced. This will limit the waste caused by whole battery systems failing and limit the amount of heavy metals to be extracted from the earth.

The third concern is what to do with the bike when the motor dies? Do you throw the bike away? No! The motor can be replaced easily or the battery and motor can be removed entirely and the E-bike transforms into a regular peddle bike. Regular peddle bikes can also be converted into E-bikes, or visa versa.

We’re all in this together and by purchasing a Sun-E-Land Bike for your commute or leisure time, you’re commiting to being part of the solution.

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  1. scot

    Your acknowledgement of the downsides of electric bikes is admirable, but let’s not lose track of how good they are compared to almost anything else. Even a couple trips a week using an electric bike instead of a car makes a huge difference in our personal carbon footprint.
    New tech is in the pipeline to drastically reduce the eco cost of lithium mining (from deep salt brine wells, and sea water instead of the current open pit mining)

    Industry wide standards for battery pack assembly practices would make rebuilding packs a viable local business model (most “dead” packs only have only a few bad cells, but current assembly methods make replacing a few cells relatively time consuming)

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