All Rentals are Sun-E-Land City Cruiser Style – All accessories and equipment included

Rentals Contact: or text Matt 360-223-9863

**It is recommended to book in advance to ensure supply and delivery**

1 Day Rental – $75 (All day)

1/2 Day Rental – $50 (>4 hours)

Additional Days – $35 (per additional day)

Weekly – $175 (per week)

Monthly – $350 (month)

** Currently, we only rent our Sun-E-Land City Cruiser Bikes**

Sun-E-Land City Cruiser


Where do you want them? We deliver and pick up too!

** Delivery fees apply per distance and additional bikes may add additional costs. (Typically $50 per hour)

Rent for travel:

We have supplies for adventures you want to take! Bike tours on the islands are a breeze! Walk onto the ferry, no reservation required.

(Anacortes to San Juan Ferry Schedule)

Hang them on the back of your camper for a week along coast! Load them in the back of your truck and haul them to Oregon for the week!  We want everyone to experience life on the bike again.

Sun-E-Land Bikes makes it easy for you. (Map of Bellingham)

We have supplies for your adventure!

Bike Racks, First aid kits, spare tires, bike pumps, backpacks, bike lights, helmets, GPS apps, distance tracking

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** Safety is our #1 priority. We want you to feel safe when riding our E-bikes. Sun-E-land Bikes values your comfort and safety. Rentals and tours all begin with reviews of how to properly wear equipment and use hand signals. Riders will have the opportunity to practice riding safely before the tour begins. **