How E-Bikes Can Help Our Hotels

Electric Bikes are a legitimate form of transportation in Bellingham. People do not always arrive at a hotel in an automobile. Even if they do, passengers might be tired of the car and want a more adventurous way to see the ‘City of Subdued Excitement’.

E-Bikes are an economical and environmentally friendly way to travel and tour Bellingham. Sun-E-Land Bikes takes a different approach to serving hotels in Whatcom, Skagit and Island Counties. We deliver our E-bikes and regular peddle bikes to your hotel when a customer wants to ride around town.

Hotels do not have to do any maintenance, storage or paperwork to provide your guests with a world-class cycling experience. Visitors can explore the mountains and the sea along the parks and trails. Both locals and tourists can learn about the history of Bellingham and take our self-guided tours.

This rental option feature for your hotel will increase your bookings. We will all benefit from having more visitors be able to see the city without having to drive. We hope to build relationships with hotels that are safely accessed by bike lanes and trail routes. Sun-E-Land Bikes takes care of all safety equipment and provides all riders with a map of Bellingham, extra innertube, repair kit, first aid kit, bike locks, lights, helmets and glasses. 

Sun-E-Land Bikes LLC is liable for all rentals and do not legally associate any fault or blame of hotels who encourage guests to ride Sun-E-Land Bikes.

Please let us know if we can schedule a meeting to discuss E-bike options for your business.

Thank you for your consideration,

Matthew Holmes

General Manager

Bellingham, WA

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