Sun-E-Land Bikes is a family owned and operated business here in Bellingham, WA. peddling bikes since 1984. At Sun-E-Land Bikes, we value the joy of riding a bike to experience the outdoors, move the body, and ease traffic and vehicle parking in our communities. Bellingham is one of the most bike friendly cities in our country and we take pride in our ride!! Bike culture is prevalent in the ‘City of Subdued Excitement’ and you can travel anywhere in town with ease and style on a Sun-E-Land Bike. We are here to help you plan a route and experience the best that Bellingham has to offer on our parks and trails.

“Welcome to Bellingham, now get on your bike!”

Safety is our goal. Whatcom county has an amazing public service that leads classes, courses and practice sessions for new bicyclists through the Smart Trips program. This program has loads of incentives for individuals, businesses and neighborhoods to encourage riding bikes and bus daily modes of transportation. For more information, contact Kirsten Wert: Email:

If you have any other questions, concerns, comments or inquiries, please write us at